Vigilant Guardian (Heroic PTR): Boss is comparable Hellfire Assault from HFC


P1: Dodge explosions. Drones>All. Cleave off Sentry onto the other small adds. Interrupt Drones. Slowly move group closer to Defense Matrix when spawn times pick up 1min into the fight. Stand in Defense Matrix during Exposed Core and tank adds out of the shield. Loose stack from Sentry since it cleaves. Take the Red Beam out of the raid. Designated 3 people pick up Cores from the Matrix and run to throw them into the boss.

P2: Kill remaining adds. Dodge explosions. Boss tanked where he spawns. Loose stack, Tanks spread 5yd and away from the raid due to cleave. Immunities soak bombs.

P3: Burn Phase. All stack, Hero, Healing CDs, GG.



  1. On pull bring the Vigilant Construct 5yds in front of Triangle.
  2. Adds will start to spawn from the 3 Defense Matrix packs in the room 8secs into the fight. Bring all adds 5yds in front of Triangle.
  3. This is because Drones will spawn, teleport to Triangle, and begin casting. Interrupt their cast every time.
  4. Group will slowly move closer to the Moon Defense Matrix as adds start to spawn faster.
  5. If you get targeted by a Red Beam, move away from the raid since a line of explosions will spawn in a line from the add to you.
  6. Once the Matrix Energy Bar is full from repeating this for a few mins, a shield will spawn which we stand in for reduced damage.
  7. Stand in the shield during Exposed Core so we don’t die.
  8. Adds will be tanked outside of the shield. Red Beam taken out of the raid. Mdps loose stack so you don’t get cleaved too much. Everyone dodge explosions.
  9. After the Matrix is over, it will die and drop a Core.
  10. All 3 Matrix Cores need to be picked up, ran, and thrown into the boss via extra action button.
  11. Ideally, on Norm/Heroic we will only get 1 Exposed Core intermission and just nuke all of the adds.
  12. Once all 3 Exposed Cores have spawned, we all throw in at once.


  1. Boss rolls out and will be tanked where he spawns.
  2. Kill all remaining adds if we have any.
  3. Tanks 5yd spread due to the bosses cleave.
  4. Mdps behind the boss.
  5. Range loose spread away from the boss so we can still AoE heal.
  6. Dodge Explosions
  7. Immunities will soak the bombs. Bombs have a chance to spawn with explosions (Specific pattern of explosions?). Just dodge explosions and be ready to soak Bombs if they spawn.


  1. Starts at 15%
  2. Everyone stack and Hero.
  3. Use all defensives/healing CDs during his ramping pulsing damage.
  4. GG.
Red beam
Defense matrix positioning w/ cleave animation
P2 positioning