Skolex (Heroic PTR): DPS Check


P1: Tanks spread 5yds in front of boss, Mdps stack behind boss, Range stack to the left of the boss (If you were 1st person playing the boss kind of left), 3 Range spread behind the Range for extra debuffs. Cone 1 the Range dodge and move Right and Mdps move Left, Cone 2 the MDPS dodge and move Right then Range move back Left. Rinse and Repeat.

Intermission: Everyone stacks at the 2nd Range Stackpoint to clear debuffs and get bounced to new spots.

P1: Cone 1 the Range move Left and the Mdps move Right, Cone 2 the Range move Right and Mdps move Left. Rinse and Repeat.

Specific: The strat is to bait the cone, bait the pools, and control debuffs.

  1. Boss is stationary
  2. Hero on pull.
  3. Tanks spread 5yds in front of Boss (For tank debuffs/Cleave)
  4. Melee stack behind the boss
  5. Melee will periodically dodge pools that spawn under them (3-4 pools per Cone)
  6. After pools despawn the Melee will stack again
  7. Range stack 10yds away from the boss on the boss’ Left side
  8. 3 Range stack 10yds behind the Range group. (They do this because these 3 players will gain extra stacks of the debuff instead of it being random in the Range group.)
  9. Everyone will be getting a periodic stacking debuff through the fight.
  10. The 1st Cone will be baited by Range positioning.
  11. Range will dodge by moving Right
  12. Range will stack on the new marker.
  13. Melee will move to the Left to Bait the Cone in the same spot.
  14. 2nd Cone the Melee will move Right (Back to their original spot).
  15. Range will move Left (Back to their original spot).
  16. Rinse and Repeat.


  1. After 5 Cones (6-7 stacks of main raid Debuff)
  2. Everyone will stack at Odd Cone Range Position (Intermission triggers when everyone is stacked)
  3. Boss will Burrow to the raid
  4. When the boss spawns it will clear our debuffs.
  5. Boss will also knock players to where their back is facing.
  6. Range get knocked back to your original position.
  7. Melee Stack behind boss again.
  8. Tanks spread 5yds again.

P1 #2:

  1. Range Stack on the marker behind their 1st original stack point
  2. 1st Cone Range move Left
  3. Melee move Right
  4. 2nd Cone Range move Right
  5. Melee move Left
  6. Rinse and Repeat
  7. 4 Cones until we force intermission
  8. Raid stands on Range stackpoint that we started P1 #2 on.

Intermission #2:

  1. Stack on the Range marker
  2. Bait the boss to the Left
  3. Have everyone except tanks stand on the Left of the Circle
  4. Dodge pools while getting knocked

P1 #3:

  1. Range stack on Melees P1 #1 2nd Cone position
  2. 1st Cone the Range move Left and stand in between Melees P1 #1 1st Cone position and 1st Burrow bait position.
  3. Melee move Right
  4. Boss has 6min Enrage
  5. Kill GG.