Prototype Pantheon (Heroic PTR): Similar to Council from HFC.

Overview: All of the bosses need to die within 20secs of each other or they revive and we wipe. Abilities listed in the order we handle them.

P1: Bosses tanked in the front middle. Kill adds. Take Debuff to Shield for Dispel. Dodge circles.

P2: Sire tanked with NF. Heal seeds. Dodge Tornadoes and NF Lines. Run out of soak. Spread for balls. Dodge balls.

P3: Hero. Kill bosses. Dodge all of the mechanics. Kill adds. GG



  1. Tank bosses together in between where they spawn. Duty on Left and War on Right
  2. Kill Caster adds asap.
  3. If you have a debuff (2 people) stand in the shield and wait to get dispelled. Both stand in the shield 8yds apart to get Mass Dispelled or 1 person per Shield (2 Shields Spawn).
  4. Stand in the middle and let the wind push you out of AoE circles (3 sets of circles) for Duty. If you get hit by the Circle you get trapped in a Arrow that we have to DPS to break.
  5. Phase Change at 50%


  1. Bring Sire to Renewal.
  2. Interrupt Renewals Casts (Anima Bolt) just like The Nines Auto Attack Casts. 
  3. Dodge the NF lines. Lines hitting Seeds reduce the health of Seeds.
  4. Stagger Heal the Seeds (100% Increased Healing for 25secs per seed healed) 3-4 Seeds.
  5. Dodge Tornadoes.
  6. Move out of Sire circle and immediately spread.
  7. Dodge the balls.
  8. Phase Change at 50%


  1. All bosses active at the same time.
  2. Hero.
  3. Heal the Seeds.
  4. Dodge the Nightfae Lines.
  5. Get to a safe spot to loosely stack and run against the wind.
  6. Dodge the AoE Circles along with Nightfae Lines.
  7. Dodge the Tornadoes.
  8. Get out of Sire Suck.
  9. Spread for Balls.
  10. Get into Shield for Debuff.
  11. Dispel Debuff.
  12. Kill Ritualists while fighting against the wind à dodging Nightfae lines à AoE circles all at once.
  13. GG.