Lihuvim (Heroic PTR): DPS+Healing Check Boss


P1: Drag boss to skull, Take motes to the front of the room, Clear Motes with Circle thing, and Don’t get knocked into Motes.

Intermission: Split the groups in two and kill Cataylsts/Unstables every single time. Pop healing CDs so you don’t get nuked.

P1: Kill the add(s) you didn’t kill, Rinse and Repeat first P1. After 2-3 add sets move boss to the other side of the room for a new place to drop motes.



  1. Drag boss to skull for easier Mote placement (Note random pools spawn around the room. Hitting a Mote also spawns a pool).
  2. Boss casts abilities in a set order as follows.
  3. Dodge Tank Frontal
  4. Run Motes behind us to the entrance of the room. Spread 2-3yds when you do or it does splash damage.
  5. AoE Boss Damage
  6. Frontal
  7. Two people will get a Circle Debuff to clear the motes. Goal is to clear as many motes near us as possible.
  8. Pushback that pushes us 5yds.
  9. We can use the Pushback to push us closer to our adds if intermission is a few seconds after.
  10. Intermission starts at 100 Energy

Intermission 1:

  1. Group is split in two (1 tank, X healers, X DPS per)
  2. Both groups go to kill their add.
  3. We will always be killing Unstable Acquisitions and Catalyst.
  4. Use all personals to live through each Intermission.
  5. Very tight DPS and Healing check phase.
  6. 20 Seconds to kill your adds (20secs until Add hits 100 Energy)

Intermission 2:

  1. After 20 seconds, the remaining add(s) will spawn.
  2. The adds abilities are:
    1. Unstable Acquisition – Fixates someone and explodes on death/impact
    1. Catalyst – Spawns a bunch of adds that chase you, explode, and drops motes on death (Can’t stun the adds)
    1. Vanguard – Casts a spell that does AoE damage to the whole raid
    1. Defense Matrix – Casts a barrier that reduces the damage taken by the other adds
  3. We will always deal with the Vanguard and Defense Matrix.
  4. Chain interrupt the Vanguards Cast
  5. Move the Defense Matrix away from the add before he casts his shield. (Tank closer to his spawn point)
  6. Adds need to die before boss respawns.

P1 Repeat:

  1. Rinse and Repeat from the first P1
  2. Finish killing any adds that are remaining
  3. Drag back to original stack point
  4. After 2-3 total add sets we move the boss to the other side of the room for Motes, since our original side will be too cluttered with previous Motes.
  5. GG.