Anduin (Heroic PTR): Most annoying mechanic is equivalent to Mythic Gorefiend in HFC with breaking people out of down phase.


P1 #1: Boss tanked near Green, Tanks + MDPS soak Barrier, Spread for Blasphemy, Do Blasphemy, Half of the raid goes down in Kingsmourne.

P1 Down Phase: Heal the 4 adds, Kill the other 4 adds, Cleave the big guy that doesn’t need to die.

P1 Up Phase: Move boss slightly away from adds, Chain Stun/Interrupt adds, Everyone soaks Barrier, Dodge Wicked Stars, Don’t let Wicked Stars go into the adds, Kill adds when Down Phase Group is done.

P1 #1: When Down Phase Group comes up immediately spread for Blasphemy, Dodge Wicked Stars, Then Group 2 goes in Kingsmourne. Rinse and Repeat Up and Down Phase Mechanics.

Intermission #1: Starts after 2 successful Down Phases, Pop Hero, Loose Stack, Burn the Lich King, Hard Cleave the A-Bomb, Kill A-Bomb before Necrotic Detonation, Dodge Circles, AoE small adds.

P1 #2: Starts when Anduin is at 0 Energy, Chain Interrupt the 5 Fear Adds, Kill the adds, Dodge Wicked Stars, Chain Interrupt Adds again, Rinse and Repeat P1 #1.

Intermission #2: Dodge the Marching Skeletons, Repeat Intermission #1

P1 #3: Burn phase, Spread for Blasphemy, 1 Person goes into Middle Circle, 2 people Soak Small Circles, Dodge Wicked Stars, Continue to Dodge Bouncing Wicked Stars, Kill Boss.


P1 #1:

  1. Boss is pulled 7yds away from Green.
  2. Face him towards the Middle of the room for ability spawns.
  3. Barrier will spawn in the Middle of the room.
  4. Tanks + Melee will soak.
  5. Turn boss to Green.
  6. Raid spreads 5yds for Blasphemy.
  7. Half of the Raid gets Purple Circles.
  8. Other half of the Raid gets Yellow Circles.
  9. A Purple Circle must Meet a Yellow Circle for both players to clear.
  10. 2 Players will stand behind each tank (1 for each tank) to clear Blasphemy asap.
  11. If you touch a Player with the same Circle as you then you both die.
  12. If you touch a Player while you have a Circle and they do not then you both die.
  13. You have 6 seconds to clear or else you die.
  14. Anduin will start a cleave on Triangle.
  15. Half of the raid will go down.

P1 Down Phase:

  1. Tank picks up the Big Add.
  2. Everyone dodges the Small Circles that spawn near the Big Add.
  3. Healers immediately Dispel the debuff from the Healing Adds.
  4. Heal the 4 Healing Adds to full HP.
  5. If they make it to the edge of the room we’re dead.
  6. DPS immediately kill the 4 DPS adds.
  7. If they make it to the Middle of the room we’re dead.
  8. You can CC the DPS adds.
  9. Ideally the Blood DK runs around to Grip all of the DPS adds together so you can burst them and cleave onto the Big Add.
  10. Option 2 is CC a DPS add at the start, and kill 3 DPS Adds + Big Add depending on DPS Comp.  
  11. Killing the Big Add is not required if the 4 Healing and 4 DPS adds are completed.
  12. Healing Adds will be completed faster than DPS Adds.  
  13. Call out 3-5 seconds before DPS adds are completed to be brought back to Up Phase.
  14. Ideally the raid will come up immediately after Wicked Stars is over.
  15. Wait until you’re brought back to Up Phase.

P1 Up Phase:

  1. Move boss slightly away from Triangle.
  2. Barrier will spawn immediately after the Group goes down for Down Phase.
  3. Everyone except the Tank soaks the Barrier.
  4. Chain CC the adds.
  5. Get adds to 20%.
  6. Down Phase group can only come up when their add is killed.
  7. Wicked Stars away from the Down Phase Groups Bodies.
  8. If any Add or Down Phase Body is hit by Wicked Star they are then Immune to CC and heal for 5% of their HP every second.
  9. This will also apply to the Down Phase Adds if they go through the Up Phase Adds/Bodies.
  10. Wicked Stars spawn as a staggered 3 sets of 3 (1st Wicked Star = 3 Stars).
  11. Wicked Star will launch towards your position.
  12. It will then immediately launch back to the boss after 1 second.
  13. You side step the 1st one.
  14. Stay stationary for the Pull Back.
  15. 2nd Set of Wicked Stars will Fixate players before the 1st ones go out.
  16. 3rd Set of Wicked Stars will Fixate players before the 2nd ones go out.
  17. The Tank CAN get Wicked Star.
  18. The Tank will be forced to Soak the Launch one if they get it.
  19. Tank will dodge the Pull Back.
  20. There needs to be limited movement with the boss during this.
  21. Boss movement will change Wicked Star placement even if the player is in the same spot. 
  22. Down Group will call for when they want to be brought up.
  23. Ideally Down Group will come up immediately after Wicked Stars is over.
  24. Up Phase Group has 3-5 seconds from that time to finish bursting the adds.
  25. Tank + Melee that are in Up Phase and players returning from Down Phase will soak Barrier.

P1 #1:

  1. Boss is still tanked slightly away from Triangle.
  2. Boss is still Facing Towards Triangle.
  3. Down Phase Group will return to Up Phase.
  4. Everyone will immediately spread for Blasphemy.
  5. Do Blasphemy.
  6. Dodge Wicked Stars during this.
  7. Group 2 stands in Cleave to enter Down Phase.

Down Phase #2:

  1. Rinse and Repeat.

Up Phase #2:

  1. Rinse and Repeat.

Intermission #1:

  1. After the 2nd successful Down Phase the Intermission will start.
  2. Anduin has a 99% Direct Damage Reduction Shield during Intermission.
  3. Anduin takes 200% of the damage done to the Lich King.
  4. Tank picks up the Lich King.
  5. Raid loosely stacks 5-6 yds away from the Lich King.
  6. Pop Hero.
  7. When the Small Adds leap to a random player they will spawn a Small Circle.
  8. Dodge the Small Circles.
  9. Passively Cleave the Small Adds.
  10. Passively Cleave the A-Bomb.
  11. When the A-Bomb is about to cast Necrotic Detonation everyone needs to focus it before the cast is completed. (Just like KT when Cleaving down adds, then he comes up after intermission, then we focus Soulreavers when they need to die due to immunity. Same sense of urgency).
  12. If the cast goes off the raids Healing Received and Absorption Affects will be reduced by 100%.
  13. After the A-Bomb cast time is over another A-Bomb + Small Adds will spawn.  
  14. Repeat again steps 1-10 again.
  15. Phase ends when the Lich King is at 100 Energy (1min and 18 seconds)

P1 #2:

  1. Anduin will be Tankable again.
  2. Repeat same positioning as P1 #1 at Triangle.
  3. Raid will have 5 seconds of down time to pre-position for the phase.
  4. 5 Adds will spawn that need to be Chain Interrupted.
  5. If a cast goes off then the raid will be feared for 6 seconds (Refreshes with each add that gets a fear off).
  6. Kill the Adds.
  7. Remember, Wicked Stars going through any add is very bad and an insta wipe.
  8. Dodge Wicked Stars 1.
  9. Dodge Wicked Stars 2.
  10. Dodge Wicked Stars 3.
  11. Group 1 goes in the cleave for Down Phase.

Down Phase #2: Rinse and Repeat as Down Phase #1.

Up Phase #2: Rinse and Repeat as Up Phase #1.

P1 #2:

  1. Down Group will come up.
  2. Fear Adds will immediately spawn.
  3. Group 2 goes into the Cleave to go Down.

Down Phase #2: Rinse and Repeat.

Up Phase #2: Rinse and Repeat.

Intermission #2:

  1. After the 2nd successful Down Phase the Intermission will start.
  2. Raid has 5 seconds to pre-position.
  3. Raid will go to the Right Corner behind Triangle.
  4. Two sets of Flanking Orders will spawn (Similar to the Flanking Orders on Spirit Kings in MSV).
  5. One Set will spawn.
  6. After 5 seconds a 2nd Set will spawn.
  7. They will start at a certain point in the room.
  8. They will then go across to the other side of the room.
  9. They will then despawn.
  10. After the Lich King is done Channeling to summon his Small Adds + A-Bomb the tank will be able to move him.
  11. Our spot in the Right Corner behind Triangle is considered our default “safe spot” due to the nature of the spawn patterns just like on Fatescribe with Beams.
  12. We will be periodically Rotating either Right or Left (With testing it was always Right) around the room due to the pattern of Flanking Orders spawning Behind and in Front of us.
  13. Focus the Lich King.
  14. Cleave onto the Adds.
  15. Kill A-Bomb before the Cast.
  16. Lich King will spawn more adds.
  17. Cleave onto the Adds.
  18. Phase ends once Lich King hits 100 Energy.

P1 #3:

  1. Raid will have 5 seconds to pre-position.
  2. Finish killing the A-Bomb.
  3. Finish killing the Small Adds.
  4. Finish dodging Skeletons
  5. Anduin will be Tankable.
  6. If you do not have Blasphemy do not soak any Small Yellow Circle.
  7. Bring him to Triangle.
  8. Spread for Blasphemy.
  9. Everyone will have a Purple Circle.
  10. 1 person will clear their Blasphemy in the Giant Yellow Circle in the Middle (Run In and Run Out).
  11. As soon as they run in 2 Small Yellow Circles will spawn in the room.
  12. 2 players soak these to clear their Blasphemy.
  13. The Giant Yellow Circle has a limited number of Soaks available.
  14. Rinse and Repeat for everyone.
  15. Dodge Wicked Stars 1.
  16. Dodge Wicked Stars 2.
  17. Dodge Wicked Stars 3.
  18. Wicked Stars will now Bounce around the entire room and will not despawn.
  19. Everyone will get Blasphemy again.
  20. Other than Immunities there is no way to clear these (Enrage).
  21. If you do Immune it, you have to be 6 yds away from everyone else or else you kill people near you.
  22. Only 3 Wicked Stars will spawn at a time.
  23. They will spawn on a 3 second stagger from each other.
  24. This means 1 will spawn.
  25. 3 Second Pause
  26. Another will Spawn.
  27. 3 Second Pause.
  28. Another will Spawn.
  29. Then 20-25 seconds before more Wicked Stars Appear.
  30. You have until everyones Blasphemy ends to kill the boss.
  31. GG.